Usage of macros in ObjectJ

ObjectJ provides additional macro functions for creating markers or accessing linked results; for example ojSetMarker(x, y) places a marker point.
The ".ojj" project file can encapsulate a set of macros. The text becomes visible via menu ObjectJ>Show Embedded Macros. Here you can edit the macros and re-install them with button "Install in ObjectJ Menu". (Older versions before 0.98c needed a separate text file with same base name and path as the project file.)

- embedded macro commands can be invoked from the ObjectJ menu, independent of other macros.
- if the embedded text defines macro tools, they appear as buttons in the ObjectJ Tools window, independent of other macro tools.
- exchanging text currently only works via Copy-Paste

If you want to single-step through an embedded macro:
- insert a debug() statement into the text, and re-load it
- make sure the window with the embedded macro text is not closed.
- debugging will be started when debug() statement is reached.