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An ImageJ + ObjectJ project to analyze fluorescent proteins in germinating spores

The germination of bacterial spores is analyzed in time, including the bright-to-dark transition(phase-contrast channel) and development of germinosomes (fluorescence channel). All movies linked to the project file are assumed to belong to the same population.

Fig 1:

Montage_Phase: Shows bright-to-dark transition (36 shapshots, interval = 5 min)
Montage_Fluor: Shows fluorescent germinosome in time, strongest spot is called "leader"
Phase_Plots: Stack of plots showing collective and individual phase profiles
Map-of-Leaders: Shows the fluorescence at the leader positions of the entire population during the entire time. Each leader profile is accommodated in one pixel row, sorted from early to late germination. The vertical cyan line is the time point of germination.
Collective Leader Profile: Vertical average-projection of the Map of Leaders



Here is a list of the relevant commands under ObjectJ menu. You can directly execute menu:
ObjectJ>Batch (all above)
which executes all commands above it serially and full-automatically, so you don't need to call those individually. Then choose one of the Plot, Map, Histogram or Navigate menu items


Fig 2: Each row in ObjectJ Results is linked to one individual spore

Meaning of ObjectJ column titles: