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Eucalyptus leafs



Using filament tracer to measure Eucalyptus leafs


Watch the Quicktime Movie (90 sec) or Download zipped sample project



a) Features:
- Traces leafs by moving a slit-shaped aperture along the axis
- Axis and MaxWidth are non-destructively marked.


b) Installation:

- put newest objectj_.jar into the plugin folder of ImageJ .

- download test project,  and drag the .ojj project file  into the ImageJ main window.

- ObjectJ menu is now visible

- choose menu "ObjectJ>Analyze Leafs" to run the demo


c) General remarks:

-       you can use various filetypes like jpg, tiff etc.

-       stacks are supported, except .zip format

-       this demo scales all linked non-tiff images to 66 pixels/cm (see macro)

-       scale of jpg etc is stored in project file

-       choose menu "ObjectJ>Show Embedded Macros" to change the
macro text, then click "Install under ObjectJ Menu", and save
it in the .ojj file via ObjectJ>Save Project

-       choose menu "ObjectJ>Project>Save an Empty Copy" to start your own project

-       Adjust macro parameters step, wing, slit, minSize, commonScale to your needs

-       This demo first deletes all previous object markers before analyzing leafs