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PeakFinder Tool

Author Norbert Vischer
History 10-nov-2013: First version
Source: PeakFinderTool.txt
Description: Intensity peaks along a straight line are shown as vertex handles
  • Live peak indication while dragging a line
  • Suppress neighbor peaks closer than minDistance
  • Add or delete peaks manually
  • Show annotated profile plot
  • Numerical output
  • Includes Jerome Mutterer's LineAndProfileTool.
  • A. Operation:

    1. Select the PeakFinder Tool and drag a line across your image

    2. Peak positions will be shown as vertices ('handles') of a segmented line

    3. Show live profile as overlay while shift key is down

    4. Add or delete manually a peak at cursor location via shortcut key for "Insert Peak [1]" or "Kill Peak [2]"

    5. Examine an existing line selection via "Find Peaks [3]"

    6. Observe profile and data by choosing "Show Marked Profile [4]"

    Menu commands

    Live indication of peaks as 'handles'

    Annotated profile

    Data for begin point, 4 peaks, and end point

    Live profile (green overlay) is shown while the shift key is down,

    B. Settings:

    Tolerance: min. intensity difference to separate peaks
    Min Distance: suppress neighbors closer than Min. Distance (pixels).
    Priority = Amplitude: when suppressing neighbors, highest peak will win
    Priority = Left: when suppressing neighbors, leftmost peak will win
    Priority = Right: when suppressing neighbors, rightmost peak will win

    Terms 'left' and 'right' refer to profile plot, or to a line drawn from left to right.