Using ImageJ to show "Generalised Polarisation" (GP)


Download macro or test images

This ImageJ macro visualizes the different fluorescence distribution on two images using the equation:
      output = (A-B)/(A+B)
The result is shown using a color LUT red-white-blue.
- Red: image B dominates
- White: neutral
- Blue: image A domiates

  1. Make sure that only two images were opened in correct order A-B (see Window menu)

  2. Install macro CalculateGP02.txt

  3. Choose menu Plugins>Macro>Calculate GP

**The following actions are performed: **

Fig 1: User values for background and significance
(see suggestion [a] below)

Fig 2: Change sliders Min and Max of Display Range via Image>Adjust>Brightess/Contrast

Fig 3: Change number fields Min and Max of Display Range

[a] Suggestion for background subtraction and significance:
In either of the two images, you could choose
- menu Edit>Select None
- menu Analyze>Histogram

and look at the values Mode and Max.

- "Mode" for background subtraction, and
- "Max"/10 for significance.